Tree or bush: What type of dweller is your cat?

5 thoughts on “Tree or bush: What type of dweller is your cat?”

    1. They chew them!! They are particularly keen on them when I give the herbs a trim as the smell is quite strong. I made the mistake of throwing the trimmed bits out the window to put in the green bin and Charlie and Socks both jumped out after them!! 😹 xxxx


  1. We added several shelves in our bedroom, where the cats and dogs hang out the most, so that the cats can elevate above the dogs. Our cats are definitely the tree-type! They love the cat tree that reaches up to the second floor loft and the shelves even above that!

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    1. Wow that’s really interesting to hear thank you! It sounds like they love the shelves there. I find that our cats are the most competitive with each other in the mornings when they come into the bedroom to ask for breakfast. It has made me think that perhaps some shelves there for Socks might be a big help so that she is less on edge! Thank you 😊

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